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Real Estate is the #1 asset of any potential homeowner, whether buying, selling, or investing, Affinity can help. The Brokerage you choose will help you make many important decisions, and no one will work harder or more professionally than an Affinity Agent!

Amanda Andrews

Designated Broker / Owner
Direct: 04803 827 183
Years of Experience 15+

Andrew Bang

Realtor®, Hard Money lender
Direct: 04803 266 446
Years of Experience 15+

Jacob Goodman, Esq.

Direct: 04803 266 339
Years of Experience 10+

Paige Kearl

Direct: 480-382-0034
Years of Experience 7+

Makenzie Bush

Arizona & Nevada
Direct: 0702-902-0095

Tyler & Sarah Whitmore

Associate Broker /Realtor
Arizona & Nevada
Direct: 0602-579-3888

Shane Anderson

Direct: (480) 760-1140
Years of Experience 10+

Cameron Comerford

Real Estate Agent / Appraiser
Direct: (480) 390-9193

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